Jean-Pascal  Cogné

Professor, University of Paris 7, France

Senior Researcher, I.P.G., Paris, France

1. Personal:

Date & Place of birth: 18/04/1955, Rennes, France


                3 children

Professionnal Address: Equipe de Paléomagnétisme

I.P.G. - Université Paris-Diderot

            4 Place Jussieu

            75252 Paris - Cedex 05


Contacts:                 Mobile:                        +33 6 85 13 87 46

                                 Phone (office):           +33 (0)1 44 27 60 93

                                 Fax:                           +33 (0)1 44 27 74 63

                                 e-mail:                        cogne@ipgp.jussieu.fr

                                 web:                           http://www.ipgp.jussieu.fr/~cogne

2. University records:

- Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (Masters) in Earth Sciences, Structural Geology, Rennes (France), 1981, Advisor: P. Choukroune.

- 3rd Cycle Thesis (PhD), Geology, paleomagnetism, Rennes (France), 1983: "Etude paléomagnétique et déformation inverse de l'aimantation de séries naturelles déformées",  Advisor: N. Bonhommet.

- State Thesis, Rennes (France) 1987:"A Contribution to the paleomagnetic study of deformed rocks". (Mém. Docum. Centre Arm. Et. Struct. Socles , 17, 204 pp., Rennes, Sept. 1987)

3. Positions held:

- 10-01-83 to 10-01-90:   Assistant Professor in Geophysics, Geological Institute, Rennes 1 University. Junior       researcher at  CNRS lab.: Centre Armoricain d'Etude Structurale des Socles, Rennes, France.

- since 10-01-90:          Professor in Geophysics, Paris 7 - Denis Diderot University. Senior Researcher at IPG, CNRS lab.: Géomagnétisme et Paléomagnétisme.

- 02-01-94 to 02-28-99 :       Head of the Earth Sciences Department of Paris 7 - Denis Diderot University.

- 2007 - 2011:                   Vice-President of CNU (University National Comittee) Section 35: Structure and Evolution of the Earth and other Planets.

5. Awards and Distinction:

- Prime d' Encadrement Doctoral et de Recherche (i.e. Research and Theses Advisor Awards - duration: 4 years) in 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006.

- French Academy of Sciences: Paul Doisteau - Emile Blutet Geophysics Award, 2007.

4. Research interests:

-       Paleomagnetism and Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of deformed rocks.

-       Paleomagnetism and Global tectonics, with particular concern in Asian Tectonics, from Tibet to Siberia (but also French Massif Central, Argentina, Easter Island…).

-       Global dynamics, Oceanic crust flux rates and sealevel.

-   Development of PaleoMac, a Mac OS9 freeware application for treating paleomagnetic data and making Plate reconstructions.

  Field Experience  

- November 1988. Paleomagnetic sampling and Neotectonics on Northern piedmont of Tien Shan ranges, Jungar, China. Head: V. Courtillot. 4 weeks.

- July - August 1989. Multi-disciplinary field expedition to Tibet, from Kashgar to Shiquanhe, West Tibetan Platean, China. Head: P. Tapponnier. 6 weeks.

- September 1990. Multi-disciplinary field expedition to Tibet, from Kashgar to Kunjerab Pass, West Tibetan Platean, China. Head: P. Tapponnier. 5 weeks.

- September 1991. Paleomagnetic sampling and Neotectonics in Jungar, China. Head: P. Tapponnier. 4 weeks.

- November 1991. Paleomagnetic and Geochemical sampling and Neotectonics in Red River Fault region, North Vietnam. Head: P. Tapponnier. 2 weeks.

- June 1992. "International Symposium on Kunlun and Karakorum Mountains". Islamabad (Pakistan) - Kashgar (China) Traverse. Head: P. Tapponnier, M. Brunel. 3 weeks.

- July 1992. Paleomagnetic sampling in Transbaïkal, Sibéria, Russia. Head : J.P. Cogné, V. Kravchinsky. 4 weeks.

- November 1992. Paleomagnetic sampling in Red River Fault region, North Vietnam. Head: J.P. Cogné. 4 weeks.

- November 1993. "Pito 93" program of diving with Nautile on the Easter Microplate (East Pacific Rise). Head: J. Francheteau. 5 weeks.

- August - September 1994. Multi-disciplinary field expedition to East Tibetan Platean, China. Head: P. Tapponnier. 6 weeks.

- March 1996. Paleomagnetic sampling of the Permian Paganzo Basin, Argentina. Head: J. Besse. 3 weeks.

- July - August 1997. Paleomagnetic sampling in Transbaïkal, Sibéria, Russia. Head : J.P. Cogné, V. Kravchinsky. 5 weeks.

- June 1999. Paleomagnetic sampling in western Tarim Basin, China. Head : J.P. Cogné. 4 weeks.

- August 1999. Paleomagnetic sampling in Mongolia. Head : J.P. Cogné, V. Kravchinsky. 5 weeks.

- July - August 2004. Paleomagnetic sampling in Mongolia. Head : J.P. Cogné. 5 weeks.

- September 2006. Geological expedition to South Africa; from Archean in Barberton to Karoo traps, thru Vredefort impact Crater. Function: Teacher consultant for Association of Earth Sciences Students at Paris 7 (AESTP7). 3 weeks.

- September 2007. Geological expedition to Western U.S.A.; from San Andreas to Basin and Ranges province, and Yellowstone Caldera. Function: Teacher consultant for Association of Earth Sciences Students at Paris 7 (AESTP7). 3 weeks.

- September 2009. Paleomagnetic sampling of Paleozoic and Mesozoic formations from Jungar basin, China. Head: Chen Yan. 3 weeks.

Publications list

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• Peer-reviewed articles


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• Miscellaneous - Theses

Thèse de 3ème Cycle: Etude paléomagnétique et déformation inverse de l'aimantation de séries naturelles déformées. 108 pp., Rennes, Oct. 1983.

Thèse d'Etat: Contribution à l'étude paléomagnétique de roches déformées. Mém. Doc. Cent. Armor. Etud. Struct. Socles , 17, 204 pp., ISSN: 0755-978X, Rennes, Sept. 1987.

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• Invited talks

La Dérive des Continents, Pourquoi? Comment? Les Jeudis du Muséum. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 03 Avril 2003.

Paleomagnetism: Why? How? Colloquium of the Physics Dept., University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, November 14th, 2003.

Oceans: bilans de production crustale et niveau de la mer. Conférence invitée, Laboratoire de Géophysique, Université de Nantes, 22 Février 2006.

Paleomagnetism and continental drift - Amalgamation and deformation of continents - some examples from Asia, University of Pretoria, South Africa, September 7th, 2006.