by J.P. Cogné -

A problem on opening/importing 'TEXT' files in PaleoMac under Mac OS X?

A frequently asked question is: 

"my data (ASCII) files do not appear in the opening box when I want to import them in PaleoMac..Why?"

Up to Mac OS 9.2, Mac files were characterized by 2 identifying fields, a "Type" and a "Creator". When opening text (ASCII) files, PaleoMac tests for the "Type" field of the file, which should be "TEXT". Unfortunately, on upgrading the system to Mac OS X, these identifiers disappeared for "foreign" files such as PC files, and thus my poor old "Classic" application cannot, in some case, recognize these files. So.. what can you do?

Three solutions:

(1) you can open and save your files with BBedit Lite or TextWrangler (in effect, modern Mac OS X text editors such as TextEdit do not solve the problem as well...), and save them with the "Save as..." menu.

(2) I developped a routine in PaleoMac which allows to modify and restore "Type" and "Creator" fields of any file. Click here to have a description of the procedure to follow within PaleoMac.

(3) Download the last version of PaleoMac, where the test of "Type" field has been suppressed (versions 6.1.1 and later, added 
February 16, 2005).

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