the PaleoMac tools folder
These folders contain a number of small applications commonly used in Geomag and Paleomag. Some of them may be found as subroutines in PaleoMac, via the Utilities menu.
Computes the Inclination of the Dipolar magnetic field, or the Declination and Inclination of the IGRF field (up to degree 10), at any location on the Earth
Computes the magnetic declination of the magnetic field, from the measurement of the magnetic azimut of a line, and its angle with the shadow of the sun (solar azimut)
Effects a number of common computations in paleomagnetism:
  • {Dec, Inc} => Paleopole
  • Paleopole => {Dec, Inc}
  • Angle between Paleopoles, and translation in terms of local rotation and northward shift
Simple computations of vector and scalar products. Output as:
  • The angle between 2 vectors
  • The coordinates of the vector orthogonal to the plane defined by the 2 vectors

Note: vectors are defined as points on the Earth, but you can use {Dec,Inc} data as well, with the analogy

  • Dec <=> Lon and
  • Inc <=> Lat
Computes the finite rotation resulting from the combination of 2 successive rotations: 1 then 2...