Getting started

What does the PaleoMac folder contain?

When you download PaleoMac, you obtain a Stuffit archive which extracts this folder:
Do not keep any of these files out of the PaleoMac folder. Some functions or even the application itself would not run properly.

PaleoMac application. It runs under MacOS 8.0 or later operating systems and requires 15Mb of ROM.

These folders contain some "tools" applications (in English and in French) allowing to perform common (and less common) operations in Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism. Some of them may be found as subroutines in PaleoMac, via the Utilities menu.

Resouces files, containing in particular, the language resources. These are ResEdit 2.1.3 files, if you want PaleoMac to run in another language, you may edit them with this application, and translate the resources...

Fisher-Snedecor tables at the 5 and 1% points. These are BBEdit Lite 4.1 files

International Geomagnetic Reference field coefficients up to order 10, for 1980 to 1995 years. These are BBEdit Lite 4.1 files

PaleoMac data: Plates contours, Oceanic Kinematic parameters (Royer et al. 1992), and Apparent Polar Wandering Paths (Besse and Courtillot, 1991). Most of these files have been maked and edited with BBEdit Lite 4.1