What does PaleoMac do?

Basically, PaleoMac handles 3 categories of data
  • Directionnal data (DIR type) on the sphere. These maybe paleomagnetic vectors distributions, but any distribution of [Dec, Inc] of lines, or [Strike, Dip] of planes, with various parameters, can be handled as well
  • Paleopoles data (VGP type) or any point on the Earth. Jointly, the application handles plate contours and rotation parameters, to produce paleo-reconstructions.
  • Demagnetization data (PMD type), which are typically sets of {X,Y,Z} magnetization components as a function of demag. steps.


Graphics and graphic output in 2 formats: PICT and PostScript compatible with Adobe Illustrator (tested versions: 3.2, 5.5, 6.0 and 8.0).

Note: This help site is constructed on the basis of numerous JPEG pictures with links between them. You can therefore download a large part of the information you will find here...