PaleoMac Graphs
Depending on the type of data, PaleoMac allows to draw the following graphs and projections:
  • for DIR type data (e.g. Declination / Inclination sets in the local coordinates system):
    • Equal-Area projections
    • Stereographic projections
  • For Earth projections (VGP type data, e.g. Latitude / Longitude data sets, and Plate contour coordinates):
    • Equal-Area
    • Stereographic
    • Orthographic ("view from Space")
    • Mercator
    • Mollweide
    • Hammer-Aitoff
    • Rectangular
    • Cylindrical equivalent
    • Detailed mapping (Zoom):
      • Equal-Area
      • Stereographic
      • Mercator
      • Lambert conical conformal

For each of these projections, some parameters such as the size, position in window, pole of projection, grids etc.. may be adjusted.

All these plots may be saved in PostScript or PICT files which can be re-worked by graphic application such as Adobe Illustrator (tested versions: 3.2, 5.5, 6.0 and 8.0)

This help site is constructed on the basis of numerous links between JPEG pictures. You can therefore download a large part of the information you will find here...