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Stable Isotope Group

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Pierre Cartigny

Directeur de Recherches au CNRS

Equipe de Géochimie des Isotopes Stables

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris – UMR 7154

Université Denis Diderot (Paris 7) & PRES Sorbonne Paris Cité

1 Rue Jussieu

75005 Paris, FRANCE





Research Interests

Origin of the isotopic variability within the Earthés mantle :

a view from N, C, O, H and S stable isotopes

Nitrogen geodynamic cycle : past and present interactions within

the atmosphere-crust-mantle system

Diamond formation :

best friends reveal a lot of secrets on the Earth's interior

Volatile fluxes : present day volatile (C, N, H2O) degassing

and recycling

Fractionation of stable isotopes : an experimental approach of the mass-

(in)dependent fractionation(s)

Last update: 01 Feb 2014