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PAD: Process of Argos Data

François Beauducel

Access to your sensor data transmitted through the Argos satellite system, Collecte Localisation Satellite, Toulouse / Washington


PAD is a software that has been first developped in the framework of French-Indonesian Cooperation in volcanology, while I was CSN in 1993. Then it has been modified and improved thanks to NACLS support.

PAD is part of a satellite-based monitoring system consisting of:

PAD lets you display your Argos data using simple commands entered through a PC-type microcomputer. PAD is for Argos system users who operate data acquisition platforms and want an easy way to:

These operations need only a few commands, making it feasible to access your data daily. To keep it simple, PAD does not include scientific calculations: these are too specific to each application. PAD prepares data files in standard ASCII format for input to your own scientific programs, spreadsheets, database management systems, etc.

Main functions

    Peter C. Griffith, Vice President
    North American CLS, Inc.
    9200 Basil Court, Suite 306, Largo, Maryland, 20774, USA
    Phone: 301-341-1814, Fax: 301-341-2130
    Web: http://www.nacls.com

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