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Bouchez, J., and J. Gaillardet. "How accurate are rivers as gauges of chemical denudation of the Earth surface?" Geology 42, no. 2 (2014).
Dellinger, M., J. Gaillardet, J. Bouchez, D. Calmels, V. Galy, R.G. Hilton, Pascale Louvat, and C. France-Lanord. "Lithium isotopes in large rivers reveal the cannibalistic nature of modern continental weathering and erosion." Earth and Planetary Science Letters 401 (2014).
Bouchez, J., V. Galy, R.G. Hilton, J. Gaillardet, P. Moreira-Turcq, M.A. Pérez, C. France-Lanord, and L. Maurice. "Source, transport and fluxes of Amazon River particulate organic carbon: Insights from river sediment depth-profiles." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 133 (2014).
Douville, E., M. Paterne, G. Cabioch, P. Louvat, J. Gaillardet, A. Juillet-Leclerc, and L. Ayliffe. "Abrupt sea surface pH change at the end of the Younger Dryas in the central sub-equatorial Pacific inferred from boron isotope abundance in corals (Porites)." {BIOGEOSCIENCES} {7} (Soumis): {2445-2459}.
Louvat, P., E. Gayer, and J. Gaillardet. "Boron behavior in the rivers of Reunion island, inferred from boron isotope ratios and concentrations of major and trace elements." In {GEOCHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE GES-10}, edited by J Gaillardet, {231-237}. Vol. {10}. {Procedia Earth and Planetary Science} {10}., Soumis.
Tipper, E. T., J. Gaillardet, A. Galy, P. Louvat, M. J. Bickle, and F. Capmas. "Calcium isotope ratios in the world's largest rivers: A constraint on the maximum imbalance of oceanic calcium fluxes." {GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES} {24} (Soumis).
Noireaux, J., V. Mavromatis, J. Gaillardet, J. Schott, V. Montouillout, P. Louvat, C. Rollion-Bard, and D. R. Neuville. "Crystallographic control on the boron isotope paleo-pH proxy." {EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS} {430} (Soumis): {398-407}.
Paris, G., J. Gaillardet, and P. Louvat. "Did evaporites record the boron isotopic composition of seawater?" {GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA} {74} (Soumis): {A792}.
Paris, G., J. Gaillardet, and P. Louvat. "Geological evolution of seawater boron isotopic composition recorded in evaporites." {GEOLOGY} {38} (Soumis): {1035-1038}.
Henchiri, S., C. Clergue, M. Dellinger, J. Gaillardet, P. Louvat, and J. Bouchez. "The influence of hydrothermal activity on the Li isotopic signature of rivers draining volcanic areas." In {GEOCHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE GES-10}, edited by J Gaillardet, {223-230}. Vol. {10}. {Procedia Earth and Planetary Science} {10}., Soumis.
Chen, J., J. Gaillardet, and P. Louvat. "Multi-isotopic (Zn, Cu) approach for anthropogenic contamination of suspended sediments of the Seine River, France." {GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA} {72} (Soumis): {A155}.
Louvat, P., G. Paris, J. Bouchez, J. Gaillardet, and J. Moureau. "Towards delta B-11 external reproductibility of 0.1 parts per thousand (2 sigma) for MC-ICP-MS measurements with direct injection as introduction system." {GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA} {74} (Soumis): {A632}.