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  Postdoctoral position in marine geomorphology and neotectonics

Submarine landscape evolution in seismically active areas


IPGP is looking for a postdoctoral scholar to conduct research on erosion and deposition processes in seismically active submarine areas. The candidate will work with high resolution bathymetry and seafloor imagery acquired along a submarine fault scarp that ruptured in a recent earthquake.


The goal is to identify links between seismicity and landscape evolution, to ultimately develop a more general model of processes shaping seafloor morphology, applicable to other submarine settings such as mid-ocean-ridges.


In 2004, the Mw 6.4 Les Saintes normal faulting earthquake ruptured the seafloor along the Roseau Fault, off the Îles des Saintes islands in Guadeloupe. In 2013 and 2017, high resolution topographic surveys (0.25-2 m) and seafloor optical imaging were conducted during the ODEMAR and SUBSAINTES cruises, with deep-sea vehicles (Escartín et al., EPSL, 2016). The data reveals the geometry of the coseismic rupture which manifests as a clear scarp that is, in places, buried by apparently coseismic landslides or debris. The availability of imagery from 2017 and 2013 also provides the opportunity to investigate temporal changes associated with erosion/sedimentation/ deformation during the post- and inter-seismic periods. This data set is unique in that it provides time constraints on the evolution of the seafloor linked to seismicity.


• Goals of the project:

1) quantify the mass flux caused by the Mw 6.4 earthquake,
2) identify the processes underpinning submarine erosion and transport of sediment/ debris,
3) develop a submarine landscape evolution model for seismically active areas,
4) apply the model to mid-ocean ridges where coseismic rockfalls and landslides are the likely driver of erosion shaping the abyssal hill terrain that covers a sizeable proportion of the Earth’s surface.


• Contract and localization: the postdoctoral position is funded for two-year by ANR project SERSURF (end date 30/6/2022, PI: Javier Escartin) and will be based at IPGP, collaborating with Javier Escartin (IPGP), Jean-Arthur Olive (ENS Paris, 10 mn walk away) and Luca Malatesta at GFZ Potsdam. The ANR project includes collaborators both nationally (GeoAzur, U. Lyon, IFREMER, ParisSud) and internationally (U. Girona, U. Bergen, GFZ). We seek a candidate with experience in quantitative modelling of tectonic geomorphology, and handling and processing of geographic data (digital terrain models, imagery, etc.)


• Application: Cover letter and resume to send to Javier Escartin -


• Download: PDF iconjob description in pdf

Date de publication : 
19 Avril 2019