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  Post-doctoral position in active tectonics / Paleoseismology

Active tectonics and paleoseismology in Mongolia


The Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris is opening a post-doctoral position to carry out research in active tectonics and paleoseismology in Mongolia, in the framework of the project DISRUPT (Deformation and Earthquake Surface Ruptures: from Observation to Processes). This project (PI: Y. Klinger) is funded by the Agence National de la Recherche (ANR) to study various aspects related to ground-surface rupture during large continental earthquakes. This part of the project will focus on collecting and analyzing data from historical earthquakes, mainly based on a fieldwork approach.


The post-doctoral fellow will take an active role in the fieldwork activities that will include surface rupture mapping from field observation and analyses of satellite imagery. The work will also include a significant part of paleoseimological trenching. One of the targets of the project is to assess for different faults in Mongolia the return period of the large earthquakes, and also of ruptures along secondary faults, to check if ruptures along secondary faults are triggered in a systematic manner or if activation is random. Depending on opportunities, some of the time might also be dedicated to quantify displacement associated with past earthquakes along the primary and secondary structures. Eventually, the postdoctoral fellow will integrate his/her finding with other works conducted in the framework of the DISRUPT project.


The candidate will benefit from strong interactions and collaborations with the other members of the DISRUPT team, and with other colleagues involved in the fieldwork in Mongolia. The post-doctoral fellow is expected to present his/her results in international meeting and through scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.


The candidate will join the Tectonics lab. at IPGP, where he/she will have the opportunity to interact with other faculties and students of the group (~30 people).
The post-doc position is proposed for a duration of 24 months, to be started in Spring 2019.
Net salary will depend on previous experience of the candidate.


The candidate should have completed a PhD degree in active tectonics or paleoseismology. Taste for fieldwork, potentially in remote location, is needed. Some experience in analyzing satellite imagery for mapping will be an asset. Eventually, the candidate should be able to work independently and have a good command of English.

Applicant should send their curriculum vitae and a brief summary of their previous research experiences and scientific results to Yann Klinger ( The name and contact information of two (or more) referees should also be provided.

Applications are open and will be considered upon reception as long as the position is vacant.


For further information on the position and the project:

Contact : 

Yann Klinger, (+33)(0)6 78 75 82 60

Date de publication : 
28 Janvier 2019