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  The Evolving Earth

A workshop organized by the IPGP theme Earth and Planetary Interiors
Lundi 03 Juin 2019 - Mercredi 05 Juin 2019


Monday, June 3rd

Morning session. A historical perspective: Progress and future challenges

  • 09h30 - Welcome message by Marc Chaussidon, IPGP Director
  • 09h45 - Yes, Holmes, there is Mantle Convection by Frank Richter, The University of Chicago
  • 10h30 - Old and new perspectives on the creation and destruction of mantle heterogeneity by Peter van Keken, Carnegie Institution of Washington
  • 11h15 - From magma ocean to Plate Tectonics: the Earth's evolution from laboratory experiments by Anne Davaille, Université Paris Sud

Early afternoon session. Origin of mantle heterogeneities

  • 13h30 - Towards the geochemical structure of the mantle: Reconciling geochemical and  geophysical constraints by Matthew Jackson, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • 14h15 - The Origin of the Earth and its early evolution by Maud Boyet, Obs. Physique du Globe Clermont-Ferrand
  • 15h00 - Mantle depletion - A reevaluation of its extent and its degree by Albrecht Hofmann, Max-Planck-Institut, Mainz

Late afternoon session. Core-mantle interactions

  • 16h15 - Compositional and dynamical consequences of core-mantle interactions by James Badro, IPGP, Paris
  • 17h00 - Signals from the core: Consequences for the dynamics and evolution of the mantle by Bruce Buffett, University of California, Berkeley
  • 17h45 - Global coupling between the Earth’s mantle, core and inner core: insight from geomagnetic data and numerical simulations by Julien Aubert, IPGP, Paris

Tuesday, June 4th

Morning session. Thermal evolution

  • 09h00 - The mantle, the core and magma oceans in the thermal evolution of the Earth by Stéphane Labrosse, ENS Lyon
  • 09h45 - Crustal growth, onset of plate tectonics and emergence of the continents by Bruno Dhuime, Université de Montpellier
  • 11h00 - The neo-Archean: A key period for mantle dynamics, crustal growth and  atmospheric evolution by Bernard Marty, Université de Lorraine and CRPG Nancy
  • 11h45 - Thermal evolution of continents by Claude Jaupart, IPGP, Paris

Afternoon session. Mantle Dynamics

  • 14h00 - Sharpening the focus: insights on global mantle dynamics from seismic imaging by Barbara Romanowicz, University of California, Berkeley and Collège de France
  • 14h45 - Convection in an internally-heated heterogeneous fluid by Angela Limare, IPGP, Paris
  • 16h00 - Mantle dynamics and true polar wander by Marianne Greff, IPGP, Paris
  • 16h45 - Convection on the edge: Impact of mantle-wide hot upwellings on surface dynamics and heat budget by Alessandro Forte, University of Florida
  • 17h30-19h00 - Discussion and Poster Session


Wednesday, June 5th

Morning session. Is the mantle degassing or regassing ?

  • 09h00 - Sulfur isotopes chemical geodynamics : from core formation to the subduction of ancient and recent sediments by Pierre Cartigny, IPGP, Paris
  • 09h45 - Planetary Degassing by Magma by Fabrice Gaillard, Institut de Sciences de la Terre d'Orléans
  • 11h00 - Planetary ingassing seen with noble gases by Manuel Moreira, IPGP, Paris



Posters :

  • Fate of carbon during the formation of Earth’s core. Authors: Ingrid Blanchard, E. S. Jennings, S. Petitgirard, I. A. Franchi, X. Zhao, D.C. Rubie
  • Thermo-Compositional Convection in Magma Oceans. Authors: Thibaut Clarté, Nathanaël Schaeffer, Stéphane Labrosse
  • A slurry model of the F-layer. Authors: Jenny Wong, Chris Davies and Chris Jones
  • Non-chondritic sulfur isotopic composition in high 3He/4He lavas of Fernandina, Galapagos Archipelago. Authors: Isabelle Genot, P. Cartigny, M. Kurz
  • Plate tectonic reconstructions of the Iapetus Ocean during the late Neoproterozoic. Authors: Boris Robert, Mathew Domeier, Johannes Jakob
  • Ab initio molecular dynamics investigation of molten Fe-Si-O in Earth’s core. Authors: Dongyang Huang, James Badro, John Brodholt, Yunguo Li
  • Experimental approach of the cooling of partially crystallized magma ocean. Authors: Cyril Sturtz, Edouard Kaminski, Angela Limare, Steve Tait
  • Dynamics and evolution of the primitive mantle with magma oceans. Authors: Adrien Morison, Stéphane Labrosse, Daniela Bolrão, Antoine Rozel, Maxim Ballmer, Roberto Agrusta, Renaud Deguen, Thierry Alboussière, Paul Tackley
  • The degassing history of Earth's mantle as told by the noble gas analysis of mantle-derived magmatic gas. Authors: David V. Bekaert; Michael W. Broadley; Antonio Caracausi; Bernard Marty






Cinzia Farnetani, Earth and Planetary Interiors theme co-leader