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  Postdoctoral position in external envelopes geochemistry

The postdoc will be part the CZ-TOP team investigating the behavior of elements released by rock weathering and their transport in the Critical Zone. The project will use the OZCAR (France) and CZO (USA) networks to trace sources and hydrologic pathways of components produced by chemical weathering. Non-traditional (and traditional) stable isotopes will be used as tracers.


• Contract: fixed term contract of 2 years


• Missions: the origin of concentration-discharge relations (C-Q) remains only partially understood. The phenomenon poses questions at the research interface of hydrology and geochemistry. Hydrologic modeling provides a physical basis for C-Q, but in general does not take into account specific chemical reactions and their time dependence. Isotopic tracer scan provide information on mineral-water reactions, their spatial distribution and time dependence. A goal of the CZ-TOP project is the integration of reactive tracers into models that describe non-steady state transit time distributions and are coupled with reactive transport to develop an improved mechanistic understanding of the origins and controls on C-Q.


• Location: Institut de physique du globe de Paris - 1 rue Jussieu, 75005 PARIS


• Application: letter of scientific interest, resume and 3 professional references to send to


• Download: PDF iconjob description in pdf

Publication date: 
03 May 2019