Julien Bouchez receives the 2018 IAGC Ebelmen award | INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE DU GLOBE DE PARIS


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  Julien Bouchez receives the 2018 IAGC Ebelmen award

Wednesday 01 August 2018

Julien Bouchez, IPGP researcher in External envelopes geochemistry team, received the 2018 Ebelmen price awarded by the International Association of GeoChemistry (IAGC).


His core research activity is focused towards a better understanding of the roles played by erosion, weathering and river transport in the global biogeochemical cycles. He is involved in the development of novel geochemical tracers for weathering rates and processes, such as stable isotope systems of metal and metalloid elements (Li, B, Mg, Si, Cu, Zn, Sr, Ba). He uses a combination of analytical work (mainly based on multi-collector, plasma-source mass spectrometers) and modelling to unravel how, where, when, and at what rate chemical elements move amongst the various compartments of the Earth surface.


He has been conducting several research projects coupling solute and sediment chemistry with water and sediment dynamics in the largest rivers of the world, and is involved in research activities linked to the French network of Critical Zone Observatories (OZCAR) and its counterparts in other countries.